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Welcome, we are Toast – a leading UK design agency.

We’re experts at creating digital brochures that can be viewed instantly online and shared on your social media streams.

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We’re a leading designer of digital brochures that offer a modern and innovative approach to marketing materials.

With our expertise in digital design and user experience, we create dynamic brochures that capture your audience’s attention and convey your message effectively.

Our team of skilled designers, developers, and project managers work closely with you to create a tailored brochure that meets your specific needs and exceeds your expectations.

We are committed to providing high-quality digital brochures that help businesses showcase their products and services in a professional and engaging way.

Digital brochure formats.

Choosing a format that is best for you:

Digital PDF Brochures

Want to convert your brochure into a digital format?

This approach is the easiest and most widely used format. PDFs can contain links and navigation.

Interactive PDF brochures

Want to add interactive features to your PDF brochure?

We can add extra functions and interactive features, including buttons and editable forms.

Digital online brochures

Want a digital brochure with animation and interactivity?

We create brochures that contain animation elements and are easily accessed from any web browser.

Digital brochures expand the reach of your marketing.

Whether it’s a promotional brochure to share across social media or this year’s Annual Report in a digital format, digital brochures are cost-effective and hardworking marketing collateral.

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Digital brochure FAQs

Can I put my digital brochure on my website?

Yes. Once your digital brochure is complete we’ll send you HTML code which you can embed in your website.

Can I share my digital brochure?

Yes. You can send, share and access your brochure easily and quickly using a web browser.

How do I update my digital online brochure?

Simply send us the amendments and we’ll do this for you. We’ll update your brochure, with no need for new links or files, and your brochure will refresh seamlessly.

Who hosts or stores my digital brochure?

We store all source files on our secure server, and they are available to you on request without any release fee (once the project is completed and paid in full). Online brochures are hosted on various platforms and servers.

Can I animate my brochure?

Yes. We can animate and bring infographics to life or add animated elements to page layouts to enhance the user experience.

Do you use templates?

Every digital brochure we create is bespoke (unless you supply a template) so your digital brochure design is unique and won’t be used by anyone else.

How can I view my digital brochure?

Some are files you can attach (such as PDFs) but most are hosted online and accessed through a web browser.

Who owns the rights to the digital brochure I create?

Once all fees are paid we automatically transfer the ownership of any digital brochure to you. If needed we can also provide you with all source files.

Interactive brochures take things further.

Adding interactive elements to your brochure, such as videos and forms, can take them to the next level.

Boost engagement and feedback from your previous static marketing collateral.

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What our clients say.

Toast go that extra mile

Toast quickly grasped the creative requirement and provided a number of solutions, developing them and moving to production within a very short space of time. Since installation the only problem we have had is keeping up with demand from our customers when the shoes sold out completely!

Alison Chapman
Digital Workplace Group, Senior Editor / Image Manager


Brand awareness

The brand awareness that Toast has of KOHLER UK, makes the process much easier and has resulted in multiple pieces of consumer literature that not only showcase the product portfolio but also the brand itself.

Stephanie Mathews
Kohler Mira, Senior Channel Manager

It’s like having an in-house design team

We like the fact that Toast are on-hand as and when we need, and are always willing to make time for our requirements. It’s like having an in-house design-team.

Claire Connor
Tibbetts Group, Group Marketing Manager

Toast quickly grasped the creative requirement.

Toast quickly grasped the creative requirement and provided several solutions, developing them and moving to production within a very short space of time. Since installation, the only problem we have had is keeping up with customer demand when the shoes sold out completely!

Aryuna Erdynieva
Barefoot, Campaign Manager