What is a Digital Online Brochure?

Digital Online Brochures are the most capable of utilising the most advanced interactivity of all digital brochure formats. To see how this works visit our Examples page. This format may be of interest to a whole range of different users for a host of other reasons that include:

Large Catalogues or Brochures That are Regularly Updated.

Being online, any updates or amends to descriptions, content or prices can be instantly applied. A printed version would need to be replaced and existing copies recalled or destroyed.
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Digital brochure
Animated page digital brochure format

Brochure Whose Interactivity Drives Engagement

Interactivity must have a benefit to the user beyond being visually interesting. We can work with you to ensure that your interactive elements not only entertain and engage your audience but add value to their experience.

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Brochures That Want to Drive Personalised Conversions.

The ability to go from brochure to online shop within a click is key to being able to craft personalised offers that really drive conversions. Whatever your needs are, a digital online brochure can deliver the results you need.

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