What is a PDF brochure?

A PDF brochure is a digital document that is created in the Portable Document Format (PDF). PDF Brochure Design is a way to present information about a product, service, or company in a visually appealing and easy-to-read format.

PDF brochures can be distributed electronically, allowing for a wide reach and easy access by potential customers.

They can be viewed on a variety of devices, including computers, tablets, and smartphones, and are often used as a marketing tool to promote a business or product. PDF brochures can include text, images, and other media elements and can be designed to be interactive, with links to other web pages or documents.

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PDF brochures are versatile and easy to share, update and manage.

All our PDF brochure designs start life in Adobe Indesign, so they are professionally created and easy to update as needed.

If you need multiple variations of a PDF, we can create and store the source files for you, so everything is organised and easy to update over time.

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Our PDF brochure design process.

We are a professional design studio that works on regular print projects (brochures, Annual reports etc.), so we approach the design of PDF brochures in the same way as their printed counterparts.

If you have existing branding or marketing collateral, we’ll ensure that your corporate styling is adhered to and that the PDF brochure works perfectly with your current marketing materials.

We typically produce wireframe layouts, initial concept designs and then several rounds of design development to approval before the brochure is converted to a PDF and optimised.

If there are interactive elements, these are added during the design process so you can see your PDF brochure working just as you want your clients to see it.

Examples of our work.