So what are digital online brochures?

They’re brochures in a digital format that are hosted online. They can include extra features and interactivity. One of the main benefits of this format is that you can view them on desktop, tablet or mobile web browsers without requiring a plugin.

You can easily update and revise them, and any existing links to them will continue to work.

What are the main benefits of digital online brochures?

Animation – You can add animation to create a more interactive look and feel. This includes the ability to animate infographics and graphic elements to give extra prominence to key facts and figures.

Easy to view – As these brochures are hosted in the cloud, you can access and view them on any device with a web browser. You don’t need additional software or plugins.

Share – Once uploaded, you can easily share your brochure via a link on your social media channels or emails.

Add links – You can create links to other content within the brochure or to external websites.

Navigation – You can include internal navigation to important information or use the built-in thumbnail view for quick access to all pages.

Content-rich media – You can embed and display content-rich media such as video clips for a more engaging experience. Take a look at this article about digital brochures for more detail.

How we can help

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