What is an interactive PDF brochure?

An interactive PDF brochure is a digital document that includes interactive elements such as hyperlinks, buttons, and forms.

It’s similar to a traditional print brochure and a standard PDF brochure, but it can be viewed on a computer or other electronic device and includes interactive features that allow the reader to interact with the content in various ways. For example, an interactive PDF brochure might include hyperlinks to other websites or pages within the document, buttons that allow the reader to navigate through the document, and forms that allow the reader to enter information or provide feedback.

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Interaction impresses your customers.

Interactive marketing materials create experiences for customers. This can engage them and create a more personalized, interactive experience that can help to build brand loyalty and encourage customers to take action.

Interactive PDF content is often more engaging than static PDF content because it requires the customer to take an active role in the experience.

This can help to hold your customer’s attention and keep them engaged with what they are looking at.

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What can you use on interactive PDF brochures?

Interactive PDFs can use hyperlinks (both in the document and to external sources).

You can also embed video content to make them far more engaging and forms, so your customers can submit something directly from the PDF you’ve just sent them – no need to click through to a website.

Add to this the ease at which they can be updated and distributed, and you have a powerful, interactive marketing collateral that will impress your new business prospects.