Why Your Company Needs a Digital Brochure

First and foremost, what do we mean by digital brochure? Digital brochures have evolved so quickly over the last few years and continue to develop at a significant rate. To help our customers navigate this ever-changing landscape we tend to use the following 3 types of digital brochures:

1. Digital PDF Brochure – Want to convert your brochure into a digital format? 

This approach is the easiest and most widely used format. PDFs can contain links and navigation.

2. Interactive PDF Brochure – Want to add interactive features to your PDF brochure?

We can add extra functions and interactive features, including buttons and editable forms.

3. Digital Online Brochure – Want a digital brochure with animation and interactivity?

We create brochures that contain animation elements and are easily accessed from any web browser.

What isn’t in doubt is the Importance of digital marketing in today’s business landscape and the essential role that digital brochures play in this.

Are you fully utilising this channel?

Accessibility and Convenience

If you are looking to reach a wider audience through online distribution then you will need a digital brochure. The speed at which a brochure can be shared and accessed is almost instantaneous. Anyone with a device that is connected to the web can gain Instant access from any location and share with an infinite number of people at the same time. This process is a hugely more cost-effective form of distribution compared to traditional print brochures.

Interactive and Engaging Content

One of the most significant benefits of digital brochures is the ability to incorporate multimedia elements (videos, animations, audio) into the structure and fabric of a document. By creating interactive features that enhance a user’s experience you can dramatically increase the effectiveness of your proposition and increase brand engagement. Engaging any audience with this level of storytelling by utilising dynamic content presentation can elevate a traditional brochure to a highly effective conversion tool.

Cost Savings and Sustainability

The most obvious difference between a printed brochure and a digital version is the cost savings created by eliminating printing and the associated distribution costs. Digital distribution has costs associated with it but they are a fraction of those linked to physical versions. If there is no printing then there is no paper, ink or production – each saving not just money but having significant sustainability benefits. In an environment where there is mounting pressure to reduce your carbon footprint, use less water, avoid unnecessary pollution and generally use fewer resources, digital brochures are a convenient way of achieving these targets.

Historically, if a brochure needed to be updated, marketing teams would be faced with the difficult decision to completely replace it or create an update that could be inserted into the existing version. Digital brochures do not suffer from this concern as any update is applied to artwork and can easily replace the existing version without any wastage or environmental impact.

Easy Sharing and Social Media Integration

Social Media has created a constant demand for fresh content and digital brochures have their place in this frenzy. The ease at which digital brochures are distributed means that users can help distribute with almost effortless sharing via email, social media, and messaging platforms. The effect of this social sharing is that your brand exposure is amplified to audiences that may have been previously impossible to reach.


Hopefully, this post has answered a few of the reasons “Why Your Company Needs a Digital Brochure” and hopefully outlined the key features and benefits that a digital brochure delivers. The ease with which they can be distributed means that they can take on a life of their own and be further distributed by your customers and advocates. 

The savings go beyond the cost of ink and paper and extend into socially sensitive subjects such as environmental benefits and carbon zero targets. Digital brochures are at the front of the movement for businesses embracing the digital shift for marketing collateral, offering both direct and indirect benefits. As companies struggle to stay competitive in this ever-changing digital age, digital brochures are one of the easiest ways to both engage and convert readers into customers.

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