Evolution to Revolution

Printed booklets have for the most part not changed too much since their creation. Still, the term “Marketing Brochure” has been in use for decades, a notable example being for advertising new automobile features of the 1955 Ford Thunderbird. 

Ford Thunderbird Marketing Brochure 1955

The digital revolution has seen traditional brochures evolve into digital formats and the pace of change is staggering. The unique benefits of digital brochures have quickly seen them become an essential part of customer engagement in marketing strategies around the globe.

Digital Brochures: A Powerful Engagement Tool

The combination of interactive capabilities and the ability to share across the internet in seconds has meant that digital brochures have become one of the best ways to not only introduce your brand to an audience but empower them to interact and engage back.  This USP of digital brochures means they should be a crucial part of anyone’s marketing toolkit for driving customer engagement.

Interactive and Immersive Experience

The ability of digital brochures to Incorporate multimedia elements like videos, animations, and interactive content provides them with a huge advantage over traditional brochures and allows for a seamless journey for the reader. Readers can now explore products or services dynamically and engagingly, which removes potential barriers to sales or brand engagement. Depending on the design and the data available, digital content can be used to create a personalised and immersive experience through interactive features.

 Easy Accessibility and Distribution

The interaction and the ability to display digital content drives engagement but it is the ease at which digital brochures can be shared that supports their ability to go viral. New customers who were previously unavailable through traditional print because of geographical limitations can now be engaged through the developments in online accessibility.

Digital brochures benefit from efficient and convenient distribution via email, website, social media, and other digital channels. The ability to empower customers to access brochures anytime, anywhere, and on multiple devices is a significant game changer.

Call-to-Actions and Lead Generation

Digital Brochures are of critical importance to sales teams thanks to their ability to Integrate compelling CTAs to encourage customer actions and conversions that can be monitored and tracked by sales professionals. As well as gaining essential insight into what content and related CTA’s work they can also capture more leads through intelligent use of forms, surveys, or contact information requests. Combined, these digital brochure features provide an unrivalled opportunity to refine their propositions and create personalised recommendations.


Firstly, there is not one feature that makes digital brochures a game-changing marketing tool, it is the combination of features that makes it such a significant development. Each feature must be considered and designed into the structure, or fabric of the brochure, trying to shoehorn interactivity as an afterthought is much harder and can be much less effective. 

Don’t be misled, the value of interactive experiences, personalization, and analytics are incredible developments but need to be applied with care and consideration. If you are looking to leverage digital brochures as a game-changing tool to foster meaningful customer engagement and drive business success you need to work with a design team that knows digital brochures inside and out. 

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