Designing Digital Brochures

Digital Brochures take many forms.

Digital PDF Brochures that are easy to share or attach to emails.

Interactive PDF Brochures that are enhanced with editable forms or clickable content.

Digital Online Brochures that are accessed via any web browser and include video content, animation or advanced interactive content.

Whatever the level of technical capabilities and interactivity, there is always one thing that is more important: Design. 

A Digital Brochure that is badly designed is a huge missed opportunity. Bad design can communicate a host of negative messages to your customer or end user. Issues can go well beyond the aesthetic and cause confusion where there should be clarity.

The Impact of Design on Digital Brochures

First Impressions are by their nature fleeting and rare. If this is the first time that your customer or user is coming in contact with your brand, your organisation and the products or services you deliver it is essential you put your best foot forward.

The use of colours, typography, and images should all be driven by your brand guidelines and not sacrificed on the altar of the latest developments in technology and wizardry. These fundamental elements of your brand and identity need to be consistent and correctly applied.

Consistency in design elements is critical. Elements such as photography, tone of voice, or a particular style of layout establish a link or association with your other marketing materials that all go to reassure and comfort your reader.

Enhancing readability and understanding of content is something that professional designers consider with every single page they craft. Experience and skill are applied with every touch and cannot be replicated by even the cleverest Ai or technology.

The benefits of focusing on design in digital brochures

1. Increased engagement and user retention

The purpose of the correct application of a design is to achieve certain desired outcomes. Whether this is to advise, educate, motivate…the list goes on. A professionally designed digital brochure will achieve its primary goal but will also by virtue of its application increase engagement and user retention when compared to a badly designed alternative.

2. Improved brand perception and recognition

Everything an organisation or business creates to communicate with its various stakeholders will also have hidden or indirect benefits. Nowhere is this more apparent than with its brand. A well-designed digital brochure will play an essential part in improving the overall brand perception and positive recognition. Users who make these connections will bring all the positive goodwill built by other brand contacts with the digital brochure you have created.

3. Enhanced user experience and accessibility

User Experience and accessibility are functionality that does not happen by clicking a button. A reader’s experience is directly linked to how well the digital brochure is designed. The greater the experience of the designer creating the brochure, the greater the user experience and their ability to access the information they need. Accessibility is affected by a host of considerations from layout and structure to correct use of colours and fonts.

4. Greater likelihood of conversion and sales

The core purpose of a digital brochure is to achieve its primary goal of eliciting a specific action from the reader or user. The specific activity can be to click a particular link, fill in a form, or retain certain information…whatever the action if it is not achieved the digital brochure will fail.


In this online and connected world, Digital Brochures are an essential part of the marketing mix. When creating a printed brochure, the right designer can create a design that can work in both print and digital realms. Talk to your designer about maximising your marketing budget by creating a digital brochure that broadens your reach and engages even more customers. Design should be the one consistent element across all communications, printed and digital if you want to make the most of your budget and deliver Digital Brochures that deliver results.

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