So what are PDF interactive brochures?

PDFs (Portable Document Format) are digital files. PDFs are designed to present and exchange documents reliably — independent of software, hardware or operating system. A PDF interactive brochure is a brochure in the PDF format but with added interactive features.

PDFs are one of the most common digital brochure formats. They’re easy to send and share. They also use built-in features of PDF readers. Below we take a closer look at the advantages of PDF interactive brochures.

What are the main benefits of PDF brochures?

Easy to send – You can send PDFs as an email attachment or provide a link to the file by using apps like WeTransfer or Dropbox.

Interactivity – You can add interactive elements to highlight facts or present information in a certain order by using graphic devices and buttons.

Add links – You can create links to other content within the PDF file or to external websites.

Navigation – You can build internal navigation to important information with the use of linked graphics and buttons.

Security – You can add different security levels and password protection to prevent access without authorisation or to prevent others from copying and editing.

Accessibility – You can create PDFs to meet a range of accessibility standards and make content more usable by people with disabilities.

Upload – You can upload PDFs to your website for a downloadable brochure or as a resource file on your server or intranet.

Forms – You can create PDF forms that are easy to complete, sign and send.

Digital – Digital brochures give you the ability to have as many pages as you like. They also give you the flexibility to update and edit as needed, avoiding any expensive reprint costs. Take a look at this article about digital brochures here.

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