Why Mobile Matters:

Pretty much everyone uses them, duh.

On a more serious note, the engagement and benefits a company can get from tailoring content to mobile users can really bump up your street cred.

Effective optimisation on mobile can increase your ranking in search results and bring more traffic to your digital brochure.

As long as it looks good, reads easy and works well, who knows, it could go viral.

So how do you create a digital brochure that is mobile-friendly?

Tips and Tricks

Responsive Design:

  • This adapts your brochure’s layout and elements to fit various screen sizes.
  • It is worth investing in.

Streamlined Content:

  • Phone screens are smaller, so content needs to be organised.
  • Be concise and use compelling language to convey your message.

Visuals Optimisation:

  • Optimise images and graphics to load quickly without damaging the quality.
  • Compressed images and suitable file formats will enhance the loading speed.

Font Size and Type:

  • Choose fonts where you can actually read what they say on small screens.
  • Simplicity is key.

Clickable Elements:

  • Make sure all interactive elements are tappable for different finger sizes.
  • Leave enough space between them to prevent accidents.

Video and Audio Consideration:

  • Multimedia is great for engagement.
  • If you plan to use videos or audio, make sure they are compatible with mobile devices first.

Test Across Devices:

  • Don’t assume the brochure looks great on all devices.
  • Test it on different smartphones and tablets to see if functions correctly.

Avoid Pop-Ups:

  • They’re annoying and intrusive.
  • Steer clear of them and you shouldn’t have too many compatibility issues or piss people off.

Don’t Exclude Yourself

By making sure your digital brochure is fully optimised for mobile interaction, you open up a new world of engagement.

It improves its global reach, impacting new audiences at any time of day, and eventually, it can market itself.

Whether your brochure is educational, informative, an advertisement or about a product/service, let people know about it from their pockets.

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