What is a digital brochure?

Depending on whom you ask and their experiences with digital formats you are likely to get a range of different answers. We have written extensively on what we consider digital brochures to be and outline the various formats.

The Rise of Video Content

Video content has become increasingly popular in digital marketing, especially on social media. So, it came as no surprise that people would want to use this content in their digital brochures if possible. The levels of engagement and enjoyment are markedly improved when video content is part of a digital brochure and is valued highly by marketers and designers alike.

Benefits of Displaying Video Content in Digital Brochures

It is clear from customer feedback and consumer feedback that video content is highly appreciated and ever increasingly expected in digital brochures.  Research has listed specific benefits of including video content and they include:

  • better engagement
  • improved user experience,
  • and more effective communication

With such strong benefits to be had, it makes perfect sense to investigate how to integrate video content into your next digital brochure.

H3/ How to Incorporate Video Content in a Digital Brochure

There is a range of different ways you can incorporate video content these days that include, but are not limited to using:

  • hyperlinks
  • QR codes
  • embedded players

Each process has its pros and cons but is more likely chosen based on the type of digital brochure you want to create. PDF brochures that are small enough to email will want to protect their file size and rely on links such as hyperlinks and QR codes to direct the reader to an online platform that can play the video content. A brochure that is housed on a dedicated machine such as a presentation screen or tablet can have the video content stored locally but will still need an embedded video player to display it.

Examples of Successful Digital Brochures with Video Content

We specialise in digital brochures and the variety of formats, combined with a range of levels of interactivity allows for an incredibly wide selection of materials from simple brochures to 100+ page catalogues, prospectuses or Annual Reports. To check out the different formats and identify which one is best for you check out our examples page.

Challenges and Limitations

Even with the best compression, embedded players and well-considered design cannot mitigate all the challenges that incorporating video content into digital brochures attract. Limitations such as file size, compatibility issues, and user experience problems are just a few that need to be addressed. If the project becomes more online content than a brochure, you might want to consider if a WordPress microsite may suit your needs better. 


The traditional barriers to including video content in your digital brochures have been overcome and, in their place, new challenges have arisen. But with the greater challenges have come greater rewards. It is essential you weigh up the potential benefits and consider the relative challenges, and if they add up then you should add video content to your digital brochures. If you are unsure how to do this, then talk to your designer about how you would go about adding this exciting new technology to your next project.

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