Digital brochure formats

Take a closer look at the various digital brochure formats available.

Digital brochure formats

We’ll help you choose the digital brochure format that’s
right for you.

There are lots of digital brochure formats available.
We’ll work closely with you to choose a format that enhances the delivery and design of your digital brochure.

The benefits

How digital brochures can help you

Yes. Once your digital brochure is complete we’ll send you HTML code which you can embed in your website.

Yes. You can send, share and access your brochure easily and quickly using a web browser.

Simply send us the amendments and we’ll do this for you. We’ll update your brochure, with no need for new links or files, and your brochure will refresh seamlessly.

We store all source files on our secure server, and they are available to you on request without any release fee (once the project is completed and paid in full). Online brochures are hosted on various platforms and servers.

Yes. We can animate and bring infographics to life or add animated elements to page layouts to enhance the user experience.

Every digital brochure we create is bespoke (unless you supply a template) so your digital brochure design is unique and won’t be used by anyone else.

Some are files you can attach (such as PDFs) but most are hosted online and accessed through a web browser.

Once all fees are paid we automatically transfer the ownership of any digital brochure to you. If needed we can also provide you with all source files.

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